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The Slover Group has the resources to provide a three-step program that will extend your market knowledge and activities in the United States:

1. Identification of the companies and locations where selected chemicals are used and stored, and an indication of relative size.
2. Identification of key contacts at the chosen locations and other requested research.
3. Introduction of your company and, if desired, representation of your product line to the US market.
Enclosed is an example of data that can be supplied to clients under Step 1. Similar data can be supplied for numerous other chemicals at a cost starting at $500 for each selected chemical. Fees for steps 2 and 3 would be negotiated separately.
The Slover Group has been engaged in chemical marketing and consulting since 1982. We have conducted market research for major multi-national companies. We maintain representation agreements with European, Indian and Japanese enterprises.
We look forward to being of service to your company.
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